Wednesday, 19 May 2010

More on the EDL censorship scam.

As we mentioned yesterday our EDL chums where all over the internet yesterday claiming they had been shut down by the government for "telling the truth about Islam" (another example is here)

It appears that telling the truth about anything is pretty much beyond our boneheaded friends, as a quick visit to Alexa confirms that they had exactly the same amount of traffic yesterday as they had the day before.

Lets hope that anyone fooled by the EDL's screams of faux outrage into donating will be able to request their money back.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

There was a reason those ancient Greek chaps invented Irony

Modern British "Nationalism" giving Nazi salutes while waving Israeli flags.

For a Few Dollars More

Much of the US right-wing nutto-sphere has long been supportive of our racist EDL chums. Their anti-Muslim agenda tying in well with the more some of it's more extreme elements. Hence today's scam.

It starts with a post on the hysterical website of Pamela Gellar (of whom much more very soon) in which we find out that the EDL website has apparently been "shut down." According to spokes-reptile Trevor Kelway,

"Today the English Defence League Website has been suspended, apparently because of an article that describes, using suras from the Koran, how Islam looks on the Kuffar (non-Muslims)"

Pamela intones

"This violation of free speech is an outrage. In a rational world, it would propel free men to take to the streets, villagers with torches, marching for their unalienable rights endowed by our creator"

er quite.

In the comments Pamela's rather simple, readers rise to the bait.

"I say we take up a donation and get them a new website hosted by US domain with all the free press rights of the US. Someone please direct me to a domain for them and I will gladly pay for it!

"Can I donate Directly to the EDL? I think it may be time to put the some of my life, treasure and sacred honor into play."

However before our American chums get too carried away and as the story ricochets around the Muslim hating loonysphere could we be the first to point out that there website was never actually censored by the powerful forces of the Eurabian state, it looks like from the Netcraft Record that the server was rebooted today. Sorry conspiracy loonies but that is the fact I'm afraid.

Yes as we all know every cloud has a silver lining, and I'm sure that all those extra dollars that will pop into the EDL's already bulging bank accounts will be money well spent.